Anatomy UI



      Open accordion item

  <div id="accordion-content-1" role="region" aria-labelledby="accordion-button-1">
    <!-- accordion item contents -->

Trigger attributes

The trigger element that controls opening the accordion item (in this case, a button) should include the aria-controls="accordion-content-id" attributes (where “accordion-content-1” matches the id attribute on the dialog itself) along with the aria-expanded attribute, which should be set to true or false depending on if the accordion item is open or not.

The trigger should conform to the button role by using a standard <button> or an element with role="button".1 Additionally, the button should be wrapped in an appropriate heading element.

Item attributes

The accordion item itself should include an id matching the aria-controls attribute value of the trigger element. In addition, a aria-labelledby attribute should match the id attribute value of the trigger element, tying the trigger and item to each other. Finally, the role="region" attribute should be applied for accordions that support multiple items being open and with less than six items.


When the accordion is focused, triggers should be navigable by tabbing or using the Up and Down arrow keys. Additionally, the Home and End keys can be used to jump the first or last trigger respectively.