Anatomy UI


Reserved for non-interactive information, tooltips are the most ephemeral and temporary dynamic component.


Tooltips are distinct from dialogs and are reserved for non-interactive information. They are also not driven by interface actors and will appear or disappear when a pointer (a mouse, keyboard, etc) is entering or leaving an element.1

<button type="button" aria-describedby="tooltip-content">control</button>

<div id="tooltip-content" role="tooltip">
  <p>this text describes the button control</p>

Trigger attributes

The trigger element which the tooltip is attached to should include an aria-describedby attribute, pointing to the unique id of the tooltip itself.

Tooltip attributes

The tooltip content should include an id matching the control’s aria-describedby value, along with role="tooltip".


Tooltips should only be displayed when the relevant control has keyboard focus or is being hovered over by a mouse pointer. All content inside of the tooltip should not be interactive.